Sunday, December 15, 2013

Recover Virus Infected Hidden Files from Pen Drive or Flash Drive

For Advanced users:
open cmd
type i: (Your Drive Letter) and enter
type attrib -h -s /s /d  and press enter

A brief explanation for the above mentioned procedure.

 Today my camera's memory card is hit by Trozan Viruses. I tried with the anti-virus softwares to clean it. But still it was the showing the same error. 

 The whole disk space is empty. But in the properties, size was showing as 3 GB approx. I tried 'Show hidden files " options in Folder options, but of no use.

I asked few of my friends about this. Actually its a very common type of bugs you will find with your memory card or any pen drives also. 

I did some research and came to know that these files are hidden by Trojan Viruses within registry values.

The only way , I reckon you change it , is by using Command Prompt.

Open Run. Type cmd and press enter 

A command Prompt will appear, type cd / and hit enter.. This command will let the command applicable to Root directories and sub folders also.

Now, we have to move to the drive, which is your flash drive. In my case, its E drive. So, type E: and press enter. 

Now type  attrib -h -s /s /d  and press enter. { attrib space -h space /s space /d }

After a few seconds you can see your driver letter again this means the process is completed.

You will get all your data back :) 


     This process is applicable not only for Pen Drive or Flash dives like External Hard Disc, but also applicable for your system drives also.

    After applying this command, some of the strange folders you have never seen may appear but don't worry, they are system related files, just hide them if you don't want or try delete if possible.

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