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I am currently pursuing my M.Tech from NIT Silchar, India in Computer Science and Engineering. My basic area of research includes Big data, Key-value data store,File System, Cloud Computing, Apache Hadoop. I will keep my blog updated with the latest computer technologies as well as different big data management tools.

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My research papers are listed below.
  1. Dipayan Dev, International Journal of Modern Communication Technologies & Research "Effective Countermeasures for Cache Timing Attack on AES", Volume-1, Issue-7, September 2013. link
  2. Dipayan Dev and Ripon Patgiri "Performance Evaluation of HDFS in Big Data Management" n the proceedings of The International Conference on High Performance Computing and Applications (ICHPCA-2014),India., IEEE link
  3. Dipayan Dev and Ripon Patgiri  "HAR+: Archive and Metadata Distribution! Why Not Both?"   2015 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics -IEEE. (In Press).
  4. "Big Data Analytics - What is that ?" (Hadoop Tutorials) link
  5. Dipayan Dev and Ripon Patgiri "A Survey of Different Technologies and Recent Challenges of Big Data" Under review
  6. Dipayan Dev and Ripon Patgiri "Dr. Hadoop: Giving Wings To The Baby Elephant!!" Under Review.


Ripon Patgiri said...

Very good

Ripon Patgiri said...

We have to make a journey of bit to yottabytes...

Dipayan Dev said...

Thank you sir.
Yes , we have to make our journey more exciting ! :)